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Make a Guy Chase You - Have Him Eating Out of Your Hand?


Can you really make a guy chase you? What if he is not interested? What if he is a confirmed bachelor? What will it take to make him a romantic boyfriend / husband / lover / soul mate? Read on for some great dating advice.

What do Men Want?

Some of them just want friends with benefits arrangements; a fling. Some of them are just looking for a sexual hook up. Some want money. These are the men that you need to avoid or work harder on. But you may be able to make a guy chase you even if he has never chased before.

Give Him Something to Chase

Suppose you have a friend that just sits there. She has nothing to say; she does not care what the 2 of you do. She has never been anywhere and she has no opinions or thoughts on anything. What would your friendship be based on? There is nothing there to love or to add to your life. Do not be like that. Being boring will not make a guy chase you.

Reward Him

Let him know that you are the most amazing person that he ever met. Let him know how much you will add to his life and what he will be missing if he does not put you into it. This will make a guy chase you.

Be an interesting person. Learn to laugh a lot. Smile often. Have fun. Learn how to tell jokes and have one ready at all times. Go places and do things. Have friends. Have a life. He can easily be jealous of that life and want to be a part of it. This is how to make a guy chase you.

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